GMSWord 1.0

Download GMSWord 1.0 - Modified (*)

  • English version: Autoinstall
  • English version: Zipped autoinstall
  • French version: Autoinstall
  • French version: Zipped autoinstall

    Note: This is a Beta release. Please report any bug to (replace "-at-" with "@")

    (*): There was a bug in the installation program that made that GMSWord did not load in some particular configurations. The files above contain the upgraded installation program ; please download them again if necessary.
    Thanks to Naushad and Patrice for this bug report!

    Languages and writing systems

    The languages and writing systems taken into account in this first version are:
  • the Khmer (credits),
  • the Lao (credits),
  • the Tham (credits).

    Other languages and writing systems will be added in the next versions (please contact us if you wish to add a writing system). To know more about GMSWord and its concept before downloading, here is the documentation in English and here the documentation in French.

    1996-2006 - Vincent BERMENT (GMS Software)